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Our website templates continue where other builders like Wix and Jimdo stop.
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All our business templates are built with WordPress, the world’s leading content management system.

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Your website is automatically connected to Google Analyitics and Google Search Console.

No contract or obligations

You own your website. After we deliver your website, there are no hidden costs or contracts.

Email and sign-up

All our business templates come with 50GB mail space and unlimited contributors. 

Managed process

We deliver your website 100% ready. We require only some basic company information.

Fully integrated E-commerce

With our business templates you can sell physical goods, digital products and services.

Unlimited tools

Our business templates are ready to be integrated with all third-party platforms and services.

Mobile responsive

All business templates are mobile responsive and optimised for mobile SEO.  


Unlimited pages

Our business templates can be extended, altered and customised. No limitations or upgrades are needed!

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Modern day websites enjoy a clean design, easy navigation and best practice SEO-capabilities. To make sure you business thrives! Our design in combination with your content will be winning ingredient to convert visitors into new customers!

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We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Website templates or website builders are relatively well-known in the market. But lack flexibility and vital tools for online succes.  Often, entrepreneurs opt a free website made via Wix, Weebly or Jimdo. To save costs and because many like to do everything themselves. A free website sounds promising, but did you know that a free website is not free at all?

Besides the limited CMS, the free domain name is also very unprofessional. The free versions obviously want to advertise. This always means your business is going to look like mybusiness.weebly.com or mywebshop.wix.es etc. Not very professional if you want to reach customers or sell products online. 


Did you know that the monthly costs of web-based website builders can reach up to €60 per month? Stop wasting your time and money and start earning!


To be visible, you work with SEO; search engine optimization. This means that Google can find your website on certain keywords. The stronger your keywords, the higher you will be found in Google. A free website with Jimdo, Wix or Weebly does not support that because there is a lot of advertising from them, and because you do not have a personal domain name. You can not be found in a search engine.

Another reason why a free website is not free is due to the system behind it. You first have to get to know it completely. You spend hours working on a nice template. And then you fill the template. You are busy with choosing a good font and the right colors that match your branding. Eventually you are weeks or maybe months further and you still do not have your business website online. It therefore takes a long time before the website is there. In the meantime, you could have spent your time much better on recruiting customers or actually working for your customers to get money. Wasted time is actually wasted money.

Answers to Your Questions

Do I need a domain and hosting?

No! When you order your business template, we arrange the full setup of your custom domain and hosting. But no worries, you are the owner and will have full access and control.

Can I start a webshop with FML?

YES! We have multiple webshop and e-commerce templates that feature all the needed tools to start right away. We integrate best in class products, such as WooCommerce and Shopify.  

I don’t have any content. What now!?

No biggie. FLM Marketing can provide the killer content you are looking for! We offer extra services such as copywriting, graphic design and keyword research to get your business on the winning road.

Do I pay a monthly fee to FML?

No! You are the owner of your website, domain and hosting. Upon delivery, you are free to alter or extend your website. Thanks to its flexible CMS (WordPress), it is easy to upscale your website or create unique content. Without any extra, hidden costs!

CDN and FML business templates?

We offer the option to make use of Cloudflare CDN to improve your website speed and content even further. Look for our extra’s, available in all pricing plans. 

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